We’re available in three convenient locations: Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano, and Metrotown.


Mark is registered with the Canadian Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (CCPA). He has a Ph.D in Philosophy of Education and a Master in Counselling. He is also the author of The Power of Boredom




Yoona is registered with the Canadian Psychotherapy and Counselling Association, a Professional member of the Canadian Humanistic and Transpersonal Association. and a member of the National Philosophical Counselling Association.


Whether it is stress management, anxiety, depression, or specific life challenges, we’ll explore your unique worldview and personal beliefs to help you to overcome your mental and emotional struggles.

Our counselling practice is informed by but not limited to the following concepts:

  • Eastern Philosophies

  • Existential Philosophy

  • Metaphysical Approaches

  • Psychological Counselling Approaches

  • Worldview Exploration

  • Holistic Approaches

  • Strategies for Navigating the Modern World


“I feel like you’ve made me a better person. Thank you for being there and taking the time to listen to me. It’s a blessing.”

A.H. Burnaby, Canada

“The knowledge I’ve learned are things I will carry with me forever. Thank you for making a difference in my life.”

J.P. Vancouver, Canada

“Yoona was supportive and empathetic, yet she challenged my views to see things another way. I’m thankful for her help.”

S.F. Vancouver, Canada

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If you are a teen, adult, or senior who seeks meaningful change, we’re here for you. No matter where you are in life, we’re here to help you through universally human problems such as stresses of everyday life, confusion about personal purpose, the meaning of life, death and dying, and crisis associated with life transitions.