My passion is  learning about the nature of existence and what makes us human.

I remember that even at the age of 10 I contemplated nothingness, not knowing then that this would eventually lead me to my studies in counselling psychology and philosophy.  

My goals as a therapist is to synthesize my knowledge and apply it to your life to help you come to core realizations that can lead to transformations in your life journey.

During the sessions, we’re in the process together as we navigate your unique life and current issues. I’m here to listen well and to co-create solutions.

At the heart of my approach is existential psychology, narrative approaches, and hermeneutic philosophies.

An essential part of living a full life is to acknowledge the underlying absurdity of life and to bring back the awe and wonder in our own lives everyday.

Mark is an author, teacher, and meaning and purpose specialist who has a Master of Counselling, is currently a Ph.D candidate in Philosophy of Education, and instructor at Simon Fraser University and City University of Seattle.  

Mark’s book The Power of Boredom is now available.