In the morning, the first thing I usually do is make myself a green tea, blend a lemon and ginger in water, then I sit by the window and relax in the stillness for about 20 minutes.

I find it really helps me to create a calmer mindset before I start the day.

But on some mornings I’ll also listen to an inspirational podcast or youtube video to get myself motivated for the day.

I remember something one youtuber said that kind of bugged me though.

I can’t really remember what the rest of the video was about (maybe marketing?),

but what he said was, “Don’t be a nudist buddhist.”

The way he explained it was that if you tell people that you’re buddhist, and they are not, then they might think you’re a little different than them, but still similar enough to accept you.

The same goes for if you tell others you are a nudist.  

They might be put off by it at first, but just one difference isn’t going to put you in their “too weird for me” category.

However, if you tell someone that you’re a nudist and a buddhist, it will be too much for them to handle and they will feel that you are too weird to be a part of their life.

I thought this was terrible advice in the business context and otherwise.

I felt myself react to this immediately when I heard it.

I think it’s because, for me, it’s taking a lot of courage to be myself in this world where the definition of “normal” seems to be very narrow in the dominant culture.

There is definitely a huge cultural shift that is more accepting because of the internet and (yes) the millennials (I’m rooting for you guys!), but I think we are all still deeply affected by underlying dominant messages of what “normal” is.

So when someone says that we must tiptoe around what we reveal about ourselves to the world, I kind of get sad and mad.

So many of us are just trying to accept ourselves for who we are, and are at a place where it’s still scary to show our true selves to others.

It takes a lot of courage to be yourself in this world.

Not to mention the fact that the idea of “normal” is somewhat of a moving target that we can never pinpoint.

We need more people to show us what courage looks like, so we can claim that courage for ourselves too.

I say just be a nudist buddhist because our job is just to be ourselves, not to monitor others’ reactions of us.

I think people are ultimately attracted to authentic people anyway.