You are an expression of the whole that is the universe.

You are a unique design.
By suppressing your uniqueness,
you are keeping all your gifts from the world.
You are quite literally withholding a thing that is so precious, unique, and, let’s face it, temporary.
You have an obligation to be yourself.


In fact, sameness is just sameness. It can never, and I mean NEVER provide you with true acceptance and belonging. How can you be accepted if you have never shown the real you? How can you have belonging if you never feel comfortable being yourself with others?


Over time you change. Your preferences change. Your views change. What you might have thought was awesome at one point is stupid the next. Don’t limit yourself to thinking who you were five years ago is who you are now. Just because everyone in your family calls you the clown and your friends call you the comedian, doesn’t mean that’s who you have to be your whole life. Figure out who you want to be. Be that. More on labels here.


This means not just things that are in the realm of acceptability to those around you. So your friends are really into sports and you want to go to more musicals but none of them are into it.
DO IT. You have both sports friends and musical friends.
Don’t box yourself into one category or another. You can be multiple things at once.


Embracing who you are is not an excuse to stop growing and learning.  I’ve heard some people say, “I’m my unique self, I’m enough the way I am so I don’t have to change anything about myself.” Not so much.
Yes we are all unique beings with unique thoughts and experiences that should be celebrated.  But as we embrace all aspects of ourselves, we begin to love and respect ourselves so much that we want the best for ourselves. We want to allow our uniqueness to bloom to its fullness. This means continuing to bring forward all the best things about ourselves and working on things we want to improve.

So yes.  Don’t apologize for who you are, but always be learning, and striving to understand more about yourself, others, life.

Rock every part of yourself and leave the masks behind.