I don’t know about you, but I really love Star Trek.
It’s really idealistic and depicts a future society that is much more socially evolved.
It’s set in the future and takes place in space.
This really works for me because sometimes I get really bored of my own space/time reality. Don’t you?
It addresses important social issues in the context of the show making it a very safe and neutral way to discuss them.
You get all that with battles, new alien species, and cool technological advances.

Well I was reading Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man and, yes, it reminded me of Star Trek.

If you haven’t heard of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, he was a French philosopher who believed that all of life is always moving towards greater consciousness.
He believes that the emergence of humans also created a shift from very simple consciousness to more complex thought including self-reflection. He believed that the ability of humans to reflect our thoughts back on ourselves marked a critical transformation on earth because it was, for the first time, a transcendence over mere instinct.

However, while he believed that self-reflective thought began with humans, he felt that some form of rudimentary “thought” must have existed previously before more complex form of thought emerged.
In other words, according to Teilhard de Chardin, all things have some form of “thought” or consciousness, just in less complex forms.

What is really, really cool about his ideas is how he explains the NOOSPHERE, or the sphere of collective thought.

So what is the Noosphere and how did it remind me of Star Trek?

Teilhard de Chardin’s last stage of global development is called noogenesis which is defined as the processes associated with conscious reflection.  This stage of development, noogenesis, has created the noosphere (like the biosphere or atmosphere) which is a “thinking layer” outside of the biosphere.  He believes that the noosphere contains all the thoughts and feelings of all humans, past and present.

Teilhard de Chardin believes that, in the future, all the thoughts of individuals that have collected from the deployment of the noosphere to the present will coexist and interact to eventually form a single coherence of human thought.

A single, unanimous reflection.

All of us being completely and simultaneously connected in a single, whole thought or a single awareness if you will.

So back to Star Trek…

Well, this reminded me of the Borg in Star Trek, who are a species that captures different alien races and assimilates them into their collective.  Once assimilated, all of the collective has access to that individual’s thoughts and vice versa.
They are a single, unanimous reflection.

We are seeing this happening with the internet because all the thoughts (past and present) circulating globally through the internet. Mind you, this is happening through an external source, but the technology of communication devices are definitely allowing us to communicate faster and faster.  Could this mean instantaneous communication at some point?