Hi Everyone!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because I’ve been tired.
As such, I’ve been trying to use my downtime to just completely relax because
I feel that’s what my body has been telling me to do.
And as you know, I’ve been working towards becoming more in tune with my body
and what it’s telling me.
The good news is I think it’s working!!
I’ve been regularly going to my Naturopath and my shoulder is soooo much better!
I’ve been getting so excited because my mobility is seriously 90% better.


Anyway, on the subject of listening to our bodies and feeling fried, today’s interview is with two lovely ladies who truly
know the value of not only listening to our bodies, but using our bodies to improve our mental and emotional


Back at the beginning of November, I went to their workshop titled Exit the Stage and Enter Your Life.
Both Mercedes and Maedean have a theatre background as well as being clinical counsellors.
Such a unique combination!
Well, I wanted to go support my friend, Maedean, when I heard about this workshop, but, I’ll be honest,
after a full week of work, the thought of going out somewhere Friday night was pretty daunting.
Nevertheless, I went and I am really glad I did!
I was blown away at how positive and rejuvenated I felt!
They called it a mini-retreat and was it ever!
I felt much more relaxed leaving than I did when I arrived.
I won’t go too much into it here, but think candles, connectedness through sharing, laughter, and fun activities to energize.

Well…today is your lucky day because these wonderful ladies have organized a HOLIDAY RE-TREAT for THIS TUESDAY!
Here’s the description:

“Move through the holidays with more ease & grace. Hosted by Psychotherapists and Theatre Artists Mercedes Baines & Maedean Myers, Holiday Re-Treat is an experiential event  to help you refocus your holiday experience and make it more meaningful. As you enter the room, you will be invited to engage with one or all of the experiences throughout the evening. 

You can create a focus stone with an intention for the New Year;  get a taste of creativity with Iris Algom; experience The Self-Healing Dalian Method with Isabella Scandolari; enter the Self-Worth Booth for affirmation; scribe a Letter of Gratitude; stretch your body withthe I-WE-ALL Holistic Health team & make chocolate eating a beautiful ritual.

You will also receive a special take home gift to help you keep you calm & centred as you navigate the holiday season.

Join us for tips & treats to navigate the festive season with less dis-stress & more finesse!”


Sounds dreamy right?
Well, here’s a video of Mercedes and Maedean sharing a bit about themselves and the event.

They are just too adorable in it. 🙂

Sign up for the event here. It will take place at Vital Health Kitsilano.