Lately I’ve been thinking about my mortality.
Rather than thinking of it as something dreadful, I think about how lucky I am to be here.
That I exist at all. That I just am.

We are so lucky to be born, have experiences (both positive and negative), learn fascinating things, and have a completely unique life journey that is all our own.

I don’t mean to be morbid, but I don’t think there’s time to hum and haw about whether or not we should make a major change.
I feel like I’ve already wasted a lot of days just not appreciating what IS and going for what I want.

This is why I’ve really been thinking about how I want each day of my life to look like.
I’m thinking about what is important to me and how I can have them as part of my daily life.


I’m feeling a sense of urgency and am really planning and preparing to bring all I want into my life.
Soooo, I’ve got major changes planned for many areas of my life…and I am beyond excited.
More excited than I have been in a while.


This means letting go of some things I’ve grown comfortable with.

It means going against some long held ideas that have created a false sense of security in my life.
It means shifting the way I live.
It means being scared sometimes.

I want to share my journey with you so I’m going to blog about it as things shift in my life.

What do you want your daily experience to include?