I was really humming and hawing about writing this post.
I think it’s because I feel that when people hear law of attraction they think magical thinking, or new agey stuff, or maybe they believe it is unsubstantiated.

However, the law of attraction coincides with my personal belief that the universe is a dynamic whole.


Well, it is the premise that the energy and actions produced by thoughts have a powerful influence on how our lives play out.


I believe the universe is a whole from which all things seen and unseen manifest, not the other way around.  I believe it was the whole (and all that is within in) that existed from the beginning of time, rather than bits and pieces slowly making a whole.

I believe that because the universe is a whole that contains all things past and present, it also contains all the materials for the realities in the future to be created.

At the same time, I believe that all the things no matter how big or small within the whole are interconnected and, more importantly, INTERDEPENDENT.

What we experience as our present physical reality is a culmination of infinite interactions
between all things physical and energetic from the beginning of time until now.

There are forces in the universe that are not fully understood, yet that we use every day of our lives through the thoughts and energy we put out.

While there are some residual energies, thoughts, and present physical realities that are more prevalent and, therefore, carry more power in our lives, awareness of the unseen forces could empower us to direct our energy towards future experiences that we want no matter where we are in life.


Consider this, all things you see around you today began as conscious, intentional thought. The design of your shoes. The people you are social with. The job you have.

I don’t mean just thought. I mean thought with power behind it.

I mean conscious, intentional thoughts that become choices, which, in turn, become action.

At the same time, it is a dynamic interaction. Our environment affects our thoughts, and our thoughts affect our environment. This means there are things we have control over in our daily life experience.

The more we take control of the things we can, the more opportunities open up for us to create more of what we want.
The opposite of this is feeling that we have absolutely  no control over something we dislike in our lives.

At the very least, we have control over what thoughts to accept and to reject.
This alone can help us to begin to experience more happiness.

Well, that’s the way I conceptualize the law of attraction.