our approach

Although each of us has our own unique combination of therapeutic expertise, techniques, and strategies, the core elements that we feel should lay the foundation for meaningful and productive therapy are connectedness, exploration, and strategic creation.

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HOW we’RE different

We merge philosophical counselling with psychotherapy to approach sessions holistically from various levels of being.

We draw upon a range of humanistic and existential counselling approaches and philosophical ideas based in logic, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology.

Most importantly, we’re here to provide a non-judgemental, accepting environment to help you get the most out of every session.


We believe everyone is doing the best they can in life, but we can create lasting, positive change through deeper personal exploration.

Although all of us are always changing, we can get stuck in some areas of our lives if we don’t examine our personal worldviews and belief systems and learn how they are affecting our outlook, decisions, and relationships with others.

While there is a place in our sessions for traditional psychology which focuses on strategies for creating behaviour change, we believe that many of the mental and emotional issues we face in life are caused by “problems of meaning” which can be addressed through philosophical exploration.

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