I feel like a lot of the time spirituality is seen as an exclusive club.
It is a club reserved for a select few who do certain things that are viewed as spiritual.
Aren’t we all made up of the same physical and spiritual stuff?
So how can one person be more “spiritual” than another?

To clarify what spiritual means to me, it is the nonphysical, energetic, field aspect of us
that is not readily observable or fully understood.

So, in essence, I feel that while we ARE spiritual, there are different ways for us to connect to that aspect of us.
I think all the great teachers, really just want us all to become aware of our fundamentally spiritual nature.

If someone isn’t aware of the spiritual aspect of themselves, well, they are still spiritual. They don’t have a “dead” spirit. They just aren’t using that knowledge of themselves in their lives.

I believe there is not one way to spiritual enlightenment.

We are all unique manifestations in physical form,
and so each of our journeys as humans on earth are valid.

And we are all at different places on that journey. Don’t you think?

One day I’ll write a post on my spiritual journey. But for now, how did you become more aware of the spiritual aspect of yourself?

Was it through an experience? An insight or learning? I would love to hear!