Yoona has a Master of Counselling and is a member of the National Philosophical Counselling Association and a Professional member of the Canadian Humanistic and Transpersonal Association.

Throughout her life, Yoona has been interested in the unseen aspects of life that affect us, yet remain largely mysterious.

After studying cosmology and metaphysical ideas from both the east and west, Yoona has personally experienced several paradigm shifts as her views of herself and the world increasingly widened.

Yoona believes it’s important to merge the rational with the emotional to create a full picture of what is holding us back in life.

Yoona helps others to reconstruct their personal stories as she introduces clients to windows of possibility through the exceptions and alternatives they never saw before.

Her calm, yet contemplative presence creates the perfect space for new awarenesses to emerge.

Using concepts from Taoism, Buddhism, quantum physics, Jungian influences, metaphysics, and psychology, Yoona’s approach is truly eclectic and fresh.

Yoona is currently writing a book describing three unexpected ways to look at life differently.